The Fine Art Photo

Fine art phography gallery, is managed by Morgan Capasso, and born as an answer to the great demand of expository pleaces from photographers and artists specialized in all purviews of the visual arts.


The supporting philosophy of the Fine Art Photography is orientated to the diffusion of the photography and of the pictorial art not only as visual art but also as a way to express emotions in a society that has always less wish an time to stop to wonder but most of all is always less able to catch the easiest things of the life.

We strongly still believe in the principle: ” an immagine is worth as thousand words”.Following this concept the immagine in all its rapresentations becomes like a river in flood, able to transmit all its strength, to excite and to send signals that reawake and bring to light the beauty of the life and its fondamental values .

Fine Art Photography is available from monday to friday
from 9.30 to 21.00, saturday and sunday from 9.30 to 22.00 no stop

Address and contacts
Via Licinio Murena 39, 00175 Roma Tel:06/31052745 cell:3312198363



Morgan Capasso,

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